Ford Kicks Off “Texas Is Family” Event with Vehicle Donations

Nine months ago, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, and for some, that wound is still healing. Fortunately, Ford is committed to assisting relief efforts in Texas. The company hosted the Texas Is Family event in mid-May to bring together local nonprofits in the area, partnered with local organizations, and donated vehicles to other volunteers.

Ford kicked off the Texas Is Family event by donating 38 Ford vehicles to eight different organizations in the state, allowing these organizations — including big names such as the Houston Food Bank, Salvation Army, and American Red Cross — to continue providing relief from the destruction left behind by Hurricane Harvey. These vehicle donations are part of a commitment Ford made in September to provide up to $3.5 million in aid to the victims of the hurricane.

Ford Kicks Off “Texas Is Family” Event The Texas Is Family event also offered a special assistance package to more than 8,000 customers whose vehicles were either lost or destroyed during the hurricane, allowing them to purchase new cars on a Ford employee discount and setting up a payment deferral plan. Ford, with its long history of disaster relief efforts and volunteer work, continues to this day to demonstrate a commitment to the communities it serves.

We at Tipton Ford are proud to be part of a company that is committed to relief efforts and community support.