Ford Sustainability Initiatives: Ford Meets Goals Eight Years Early

There are several Ford sustainability initiatives, including one that aims to reduce the brand’s global CO2 emissions from manufacturing by 30% before 2025. Remarkably, the brand was able to reach its goal earlier this year, which means it beat its initial projections by a whopping eight years. While you still get the same quality vehicles, you also get cleaner air thanks to Ford.

According to Ford, the brand was able to lower its emissions by installing over 100,000 energy-efficient lights, updating painting operations, and a few other minor changes. Painting in particular required high-temperature drying ovens that consumed large amounts of energy — until recently, that is. The brand is focused on staying consistent with the Paris Climate Accord, as it recognizes that environmental concerns are at an all-time high.

Part of Ford sustainability initiatives include more hybrids like the C-MAX“We will continue to set ambitious goals and work to create innovative practices to achieve them,” said Bruce Hettle, group vice president, manufacturing and labor affairs. “Our next strategy will focus on increasing Ford’s use of renewable energy while maintaining our energy efficiencies.”

Ford is also hoping to offer 40 hybrid and electric vehicles by 2022, including cars like the C-MAX Hybrid, the Fusion Hybrid, Fusion Energi, and the Focus Electric, among others. Even if you’d like a traditional gasoline engine, Ford is working hard to improve fuel economy and cut back on vehicle emissions.

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