Back to School Study Tips

The new school year is here, and with it comes new challenges, busy schedules, and more homework, quizzes, and tests. These study tips may be useful for students of all ages, and can improve time management and homework skills.We've got the study tips to help you succeed in the new school year.

Turn Big Work into Small Steps

If there’s a big paper or some particularly challenging math homework in the future, it can feel daunting. A good way to stay on top of things and make the big assignments feel more manageable is to break them down hour-by-hour or day-by-day into smaller steps.

Stay Organized

Different colored folders are just as useful as they are pretty. Keep papers for different classes in their own folders and notebooks so they’ll be easy to find. Not only is it helpful to keep your school papers organized, but it also makes a huge difference to keep your study space clean and free from clutter and distraction.

Make a Routine

It can be helpful to assign a consistent time each day for school work. Creating this routine will make the work feel like part of your day and help you with time management. Whether you do homework right after school or right after dinner, stick to it and it will always get done.

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