New Ford Crossover Will Be Mustang-Inspired

ford interior

As the crossover market gets more and more competitive, automotive brands need to come up with new and innovative ways to stay one step ahead of the rest. Ford is apparently taking a rather unusual trajectory with its next project. The new Ford crossover, stated to be coming out in 2020, will be a fully-electric vehicle — the first in Ford’s lineup to be entirely built from the ground up with an electric powertrain. Not only that, but recently, Ford representatives confirmed that the crossover will be a performance-oriented vehicle inspired by the iconic Mustang.


The teaser that hinted at the new vehicle’s appearance debuted earlier this year under the name, Mach 1, stirring up a controversy among auto enthusiasts who recognized the name of Ford’s legendary, gas-guzzling muscle car. Mach 1, however, may not be the crossover’s true model name according to official sources at Ford Motor Company.


The company did confirm that the crossover will sport styling inspired by the Mustang. The original teaser showed viewers a Ford Mustang and Explorer going into a garage together to merge as one, creating a totally unique, electric-powered performance crossover.


The new Ford crossover won’t be making its way to the market until 2020, but it’s part of Ford’s ongoing goal to bring 16 battery-powered vehicles to the brand’s lineup by 2022. This will include true electric vehicles as well as hybrids and plug-in hybrids.


We at Tipton Ford are excited about Ford’s electric future.