Truck Bed Protection: 3 Tips to Remember

Truck Bed Protection: 3 Tips to Remember | Brownsville, TX

Your Ford pickup’s bed takes a beating when you load it for work and play — and it’s exposed to the elements, too. Consider these truck bed protection and maintenance tips to keep your vehicle in great shape for whatever you need it to do.

Install a bed liner

Installing a liner is an effective way to ban rust, scratches, dents, and other damage from your truck bed. Drop-in bed liners are the easiest to install or remove. If you want even tougher protection, spray-in liners last longer and form an airtight seal to keep moisture and dirt away from the bed.

Use a tonneau cover

Tonneau covers perform double duty for your truck. Not only do they protect whatever you’re hauling, but they also shield the bed from sun, rain, and dirt. Tonneau covers come in many styles and can be made of soft or hard materials.

Don’t forget the underside

Your truck bed can sustain damage and rust from below, too. To care for it, make sure you keep your vehicle’s underside clean. You can even apply an undercoating spray for more durable protection.

Keep it clean

However you decide to protect your truck bed, make sure you take the time to keep it clean. At the very least, sweep out the dirt, don’t let junk accumulate, and give the bed a good washing every so often.

To learn more about the best products, accessories, and practices for protecting your truck bed, contact our service department here at Tipton Ford.