The Dangers of Skipping Your Next Oil Change

Without regular and proper oil changes, your vehicle’s engine will inevitably suffer. Changing the oil according to the manufacturer-recommended intervals will keep all parts of the powertrain lubricated and at a healthy temperature. If you fail to do so, your car’s engine will suffer the consequences.


Dirty Parts


The longer you wait for an oil change, the longer the old and dirty oil will stay in your vehicle. It will congeal into a sludge, which will make the engine work even harder to counteract the sticky muck. Old, sludgy oil will not lubricate your engine components and it won’t absorb the massive amounts of heat they generate while working.


Voided Warranty


Failing to change the oil at the standard intervals can void your warranty on a new vehicle. Since dirty oil cannot properly lubricate or cool down the engine, the parts will begin to grind against each other. Combined with the heat, they will warp in size and likely force you into a full engine replacement.


Poor Performance


A blown head gasket can come from a poorly lubricated engine. This is an expensive repair that can likely lead to a full engine replacement. Dirty oil will also hurt your engine’s performance, affecting your vehicle’s driving quality and power.


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